Great DIGITAL films Content Creation. Film making. Production.

Great DIGITAL films Content Creation. Film making. Production.


Even with the most challenging constraints Illumination, a film production company, has the capability to pull off great quality films simply because of its immense experience and worldwide network of production and post production partners.
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Shantanu Baagchi, a graduate of National Institute of Design, is the founder of Illumination Productions Pvt. Ltd, an ad film production house. Shantanu has made more than four hundred commercials across brands. Many of his films have picked up many national and international awards. His design background and deep understanding of the film making process helps to create films with uniqueness and quality .
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Illumination is a multi-award-winning TV commercial and film production company, whose sole aim is to deliver great quality digital films. Illumination, also creates long format digital content and produces it. For certain projects it provides complete production facilities as well .



Shantanu has won around 30 national level awards and 12 international awards/nominations. This includes Cannes, New York, London, Asian Cannes, Malaysian International Awards.



Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder of Taproot, India

“Working with Shantanu and his team at Illumination, I have always been struck by the amount of dedication and passion he shows toward every assignment. And then, when you add his innate creative talent to that kind of hard work, it always leaves me walking out happy for having made the decision to go with him. Shantanu personally, has a beautiful eye for characters in cinema and that always helps when the agency has a critical brief to deliver on”

Prateek Bhardwaj Joint National Creative Director McCann, India

“Shantanu is the aesthetic conscience in the ad film process, forever fighting for the nicer thing to do. Thank you, Shantanu, for guilt-tripping us into making better films. More power to your voice.”

Amitabha Lahiri CEO Mash Percept, India

“He has made numerous films for me for numerous clients & categories. And we have climbed many a mountain in each other’s company. Be it a demanding client or be it an extremely challenging script or a tight deadline. I must admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed all these mountaineering joy rides alongside Shantanu. Our advertising God apparently lives in the temple of Details & Depth. And Shantanu seems to the Principal Priest of this temple. His painstaking attention to intricate detailing and his insatiable appetite for adding depth in the areas of ideations have always left me virtually breathless !! No wonder, therefore, that in an industry that is infested with high mortality rate, Shantanu has been able to stand tall withstanding the test of time. Good luck to him. God Bless…


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